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Members Update: COHF Chases Vicki!

COHF usually doesn’t chase girls around unless they want to get pursued but in Vicki’s case, she was the one chasing the action around! As a wedding present Vicki gave herself to the COHF guys as a gift. She gave up the goods in the gang bang Party by sucking and fucking everyone that was there! Straight up, Vicki is like a rocket heading straight to the heavens which made every guy in the room wanting to ride her all night long! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: SoCal COHF MEGA BONUS 4!

Sandee, Tabitha, Kitty and Deena sizzled the COHF gang bang parties in the past, but our editors were able to pull out the other footage that didn’t make it to the site. Watch all four different parties from different angles and see all the spills, laughs and jokes that got played in this SoCal COHF MEGA Bonus! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: COHF Virgin Sasha!

When Sasha and I first met, she was a member of COHF and was very curious into how she can party with the COHF guys! So after a while, Sasha begged and pleaded with me and finally I let her have her own gang bang party! This weeks party is a special one as this asian sensation takes on the COHF guys for the very first time! Watch as she gets her mouth stuffed, ass spanked, and a COHF facial only we can deliver! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: SoCal COHF MEGA Bonus 3!

Our editors have put together another never before seen footage from the parties of Smokie Flame, Claudia, Tabitha and Corrina. Watch as you will see not only the girls goofing around but the whole crew having their moments during the gang bang parties with bloopers, different camera angles, and a whole lot of behind the scenes fun! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: Hitting The Slopes With Lyla Storm!

Our guys decided to take Lyla to the mountains for some training in how to ski. What they found out was that Lyla love to learn how to do things and was of course, a quick learner! When she discovered how to push off, she imagined herself pumping up and down on a cock, when Lyla learned how to snow plow, she imagined herself jerking of a guys cock, and when Lyla saw how many people can fit on a mountain, then she imagined herself in a gang bang and on COHF! Enjoy – Ray Guhn!