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Members Update: A Wedding Gift For SyVally!

Have you ever gone to a wedding and you didn’t know what to get the bride and groom as a present, well on this weeks COHF party update, we gave SyVally Sweet a COHF party for her wedding present! That’s right no blenders, just dicks in the pussy, no candle holders just dicks in the mouth, and no wedding cake just a creamy facial that every woman should have on their wedding day! Congratulations to SyVally, enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: Joslyns Dreams Come True!

I’ve been chatting to Joslyn for a while now and finally she agreed to do a COHF party! Having a sexy secretary like her on COHF has always been a dream of mine. She’s sexy, great personality, loves to suck and fuck and she’s always on time! What more can you ask from a girl who gives you all that and takes cum On Her Face like a champ? I don’t know, but the COHF guys in Vegas get a whole handful when Joslyn takes their dictation! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: SoCal COHF MEGA BONUS 5!

Many of the things you see on COHF is always the best of the best footage, but sometimes you want to see the COHF party in a different light. Enjoy another special gang bang party from our editors who have prepared another special bonus where you will see Aurora Snow, Natalie, Anjanette and Veronica in that special way! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!