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Members Update: Tricia Returns!

Guess who’s back? That’s right, Tricia Oaks comes back to COHF to get another crack at the COHF crew! She didn’t get enough jucy facial cumshots the first time around so she decided to grace all of us with her sexual prowlness and show all her goodies again! Lucky for all of us, lucky for the COHF guys, and especially lucky for cum On Her Face! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: COHF MEGA BONUS 16!

I am so lucky to have great editors who pulled out footage that has never seen the day of light! Different angles and a new view of what the gang bang Parties of Tuesday, Maya, Rikki, and Alexandra would look like today! Catch all the cum flying, hot fucking and the best gang bang parties on the planet! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: Milf From Heaven!

When we come across to have a party with a MILF it’s always fun, but this time it wasn’t only fun it was like fireworks on the 4th of July! Bailey rescues Honey and our guys just in the nick of time and gets paid back with a gang bang Party! Lovely long brown hair, gorgeous face, and a body that every mother would die for is a great description of Bailey! So have fun, see you next week, and enjoy another exclusive party from cum On Her Face! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: Sweet As Honey!

Honey returns for a special birthday treat from the COHF guys and she takes this opportunity to blow out more than just the candles! As you all remember this is the same hot girl that took all cummers but also gave back more in return in her SoCal gang bang! Now she is a regular in the LasVegas COHF life and got hungry to be on camera again. We are thankfull because her mouth is like a suction, her pussy is always slippery and wet, plus there is no guys that can match her sex ethic! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!