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Members Update: Maya Returns!

Maya returns to COHF and shows us why she is one of the fans favorites! She returns to settle a score with the COHF guys and tries to work her way from Private to General of gangbangs in a matter of an hour! The guys show her a different treatment but it doesn’t phase her as she keeps on asking for more cock, more hammering and more cum just like a good soldier! Enjoy her beauty, her one of a kind personality, but most of all enjoy that sexy ass of hers as it takes on everything including the ammunition! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: SoCal COHF MEGA Bonus 7!

We make it a custom around here to give you everything that we have, and it doesn’t stop now! For this weeks update we have Heidi, Amber Rayne, Vanessa, Lina Page, and Amber Chase shown from the other camera that was in the room of their gang bang party. Check out all the different angles and re-live the party in a different light and also don’t forget to see all 4 of these girls enjoy their own special facial! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: CeCe Comes To Play!

A beautiful couple hits me up and asks if they could do a COHF party but in a different way. Blind folding CeCe and introducing the guys to her one at a time was the type of gang bang party that CeCe was anticipating for! Watch this beautiful brunettes cock sucking abilities, her juicy sweet pussy, and her crave for sex! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!

Members Update: Arianna Gets It!

Here’s a party that was pulled out of the editing room and has Arianna and Mandy Moore partying in a different light! These two beauty’s wanted a HARD CORE gang bang party, well they surely got one with the COHF guys giving them the treatment! Totaly INSAINE and RAW action is what Arianna and Mandy wanted and they sure got it, especially Arianna who received the COHF facial treatment in the end! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn! PS. This one is HIGHLY edited, I will post the FULL party later if you think you can handle it.

Members Update: Cori Unleashes On COHF!

I have many females emailing me, calling me and texting me to see if they can party on COHF, especially Cori who has told me at least 20 times in the past month. Cori is also my personal trainer and I decided finally to indulge her and let her get her wish. Cori showed the guys some new work out tricks and the guys showed her a gangbang that she has been craving for a long time. At the end of the party the guys showed cori a new way of taking protein and Cori left with a big smile and more on her face! Enjoy! – Ray Guhn!