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Sometimes it was just a few people have a Cum On Her Face style party, and sometimes it was a true gangbang with a dozen guys dropping their loads on her face. Over the next couple years video was added, and Ray started having more and more parties. So he started putting one a week or so up on the net and letting people join for a fee. He used this to pay for all the equipment and to expand the number of parties he had. Sometimes he would pick up local girls, and sometimes he would bring girls in from faraway places, all just to get fucked and have Cum On Her Face.
Technology changes have played a big part in the website. High speed internet, better quality cameras and Video Cameras and also new encoding has changed the quality of the content available to members.....but some of the old parties will always be favorites. Not just for the great action or monster cum loads, but because some of the girls were so much fun and had such sweet hot pussy and talented mouths!!