COHF All Cum Vol 7!

I've been receiving numerous emails for another All Cum special. Because all of you great members were asking for it, I have asked our editors to put together your request. In this All Cum Vol. 7 edition, you will be receiving 15 COHF exclusive facials! 5 from Canada, 5 from Brazil and 5 from the U.S.A. For all of you new members that don't know what an All Cum is, I will explain it to you in very simple terms. All Cum is the facial, cum shots, splooging, and aka a COHF mask of a girl at the end of a COHF party! So enjoy this special update and keep the requests coming! Thank you! - Ray Guhn!

COHF Rides Sindee!

Having a girl get all dressed up and riding with the boys is always a treat for any group of guys! Having a girl undress and bring a friend along is really special. That's what we have here for all of you, Sindee and Eva get more than a ride as they suck and fuck all of the guys to get there rocks off! One by one the guys unload their built up testosterone and end up all over Sindee's pretty face! Enjoy! - Ray Guhn!

Santa Comes Back!

First of all Merry Christmas to you and all your family! For this special holiday treat, we have a certain someone who drops by through the chimney! That's right Santa Comes Back To COHF! Ron Jeremy comes to Southern California and pays a visit to our COHF crew to see who has been naughty and who has been nice! It seems that Eva has been very naughty and extremely nice so the guys plus Santa gives her a gang bang present that she has been wanting for a very long time! Enjoy and happy holidays! - Ray Guhn!

Jazmine Brings In The New Year!

Happy New Years!!!! Well, a year has come and gone and we all have 2009 to look forward too! I wish everyone the best and wanted to start the year off with a big bang! Jazmine and Natalia starts the new year with style. Jazmine is a hot, half breed who has beautiful knockers and is brand spanking new on COHF! Natalia, you all know is our latin, exotic girl who knows how to get it on! You will all be able to see Jazmine and Natalia's sexual energy collide, which gets the COHF guys going, which of course ends up all over Jazmines beautiful face! Enjoy and Happy New Years again! - Ray Guhn!