LEXY Train's COHF!

I flew a good friend of mine down to whip the COHF boys into shape. Lexy who is a petite dirty blonde weighs 100 pounds dripping wet! Don't let her size fool you, she has a ton of sex in her and she fucks like there is no tomorrow! Did I tell you that she also likes it in the butt, as long as it's done right! The COHF boys find out the hard way but give it the old college try into taming this sexy tiger! Enjoy the party! Ray Guhn!

COHF Virgin Nikki!

Nikki, plain out simple is a cute, sexually deprived woman! She came to me and wanted to know how it would feel to be the main course of one of our COHF parties. I wanted to fulfill her dreams so I invited the lovely Arizona to help her out. It was getting too late to finish of the games so the COHF crew brought both girls into the house and started to play a new game! Of course our games is a little bit different, it involves cock sucking, pussy licking, fucking, and of course cumming on Nikki's face! What a way for the newest COHF Virgin to make an impact on the boys! Watch Nikki for the first time anywhere take it like a champ and receive one of the best facials to date! Enjoy! Ray Guhn!

Sandy's Birthday Present!

After last week’s party with Pamela, Sandy called me up and asked if I could do something very special for her birthday. I decided to send the boys over to celebrate with her. Sandy ate some cake, some pussy, and well, I’ll let you see for yourself. She’s one dirty little cum slut! Watch this week’s shoot to see SANDY’S Birthday Present! Enjoy! Ray Guhn

COHF July 4th Bonus!

This party has the infamous Jayna, Alexandra, and Maia and they have a special beginning for the July 4th festivities this year! I totally loved it and I can't wait for all of you to see it! With all the excitement going on this weekend don't forget to check out Jayna's awesome lips, Alexandra's anal adventure and Maia's Double penetration! Enjoy! - Ray Guhn!